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REACH pre-registration
Within the scope of this REACH regulation, all chemical substances that are produced within or exported into the European Union in volumes above 1 ton per year have to be registered by the producer / importer of the chemical substance.

According to the REACH Regulation, pre-registration for phase-in substance has been closed on 1st, December, 2008. However, in the light of item 6, Article 28 of REACH, substances can be late preregistered under some special conditions. The statutory provision is as follows:

"Article 28 Duty to pre-register for phase-in substances:Potential registrants who manufacture or import for the first time a phasein substance in quantities of 1 tonne or more per year or use for the first time a phase-in substance in the context of production of articles or import for the first time an article containing a phasein substance that would require registration, after 1 December 2008, shall be entitled to rely on Article 23 provided that they submit the informationreferred to in paragraph 1 of this Article to the Agency within six months of first manufacturing, importing or using the substance in quantities of 1tonne or more per year and no later than 12 months before the relevant deadline in Article 23."

We Hangzhou GreenCo Science&Technology Co.,Ltd., as a Non EU manufacturer, so we authorize the third part to appoint Chemical Inspection Regulation Service Limited (hereinafter as the third part) located inIreland as our Only Representative to pre-register our company’s substance(s) to European Chemical Agency (hereinafter as ECHA).

IF you need registration copy, pls feel free give me email: greenco1713@vip.163.com





Release date:2013/03/12
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